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Experience our exclusive process at Ismat Shaadi Service, dedicated to the art of arranging marriages that truly matter. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring your match is rooted in tradition, compatibility, and shared values.

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Register with us to start your journey. Share your preferences and create your profile.

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We search our extensive database for potential matches, tailored to your criteria.

Exchange of information between families

Facilitating the exchange of important information between families for informed decisions.

Direct negotiations between families

Encouraging open communication and negotiations between the families involved.

Restart process if the match is not successful

If a match doesn't work, we'll learn from it and restart the process for a better match.

Our Testimonials

"In search of a match for a young member of my family, we are taking the help of Ismat Shaadi Services. It has been just about two weeks of knowing the services and it has been a very pleasing experience. Mrs Ismat Shehzad, the director of the services, has been taking personal interest for our needs. In such a short time, we have been given a couple of profiles matching with our needs and we are now in contact with two families. We are quite hopeful that we will soon be able find a good match through Ismat Shaadi Services, inshaAllah."

Dr. M. Malik (father)


Ismat Shaadi Service offers personalized matchmaking to help find the ideal life partner through profile creation, assessments, and mediation. Confidential, successful journey to marriage. Explore our services now!


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