A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Age Of Marriage In Islam

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The subject of the best age of marriage in Islam is likely among the top debated ones, particularly from a secular point of view. The age of Marriage in Islam was not discussed earlier. Muslims from earlier times did not have any confusion on this issue at all.

Islam did not establish any rigid and exact rules regarding the age of bridesmaids and groom. However, specific guidelines must be adhered to before making the final decision.

Islam even permits a mature girl to appeal to the Shariah justice system to annul the wedding if it was not arranged with her consent.

In Islam, the puberty age is considered to be the age at which you can legally Marriage. However, getting to puberty age should not be the sole factor in deciding what age is appropriate for Marriage.

Other aspects include a person’s general maturity and ability to distinguish between good and evil; for instance, his personal opinion or disapproval of significant choices in life becomes relevant and should also be considered.

What is the Best Age of Marriage in Islam?

Matchmaking in Islam is very significant. It’s not just about signing documents. It’s one of the strongest bonds that joins two individuals for the rest of their lives. Islam has not provided the best age for marriage in Islam, either for males or females. But Islam has just suggested that you get married at an early age. Since marrying young could protect one from being a victim of sins. 

Getting married young has numerous benefits, such as having physical and spiritual purity. Chastity is considered to be one of the most significant aspects of Islam. A decent Muslim is expected to protect his innocence until the time they get married. If they get married early, the Muslim ensures his chastity well. According to Allah states in Quran, “Al Mu’minoon (23:5-6)

“And those who protect their private areas. They are not allowed to share their private parts with wives or the ones their hands have, for in fact they are not held accountable.”

Marriage can protect a Muslim from having serious sins like Zinnah since humans have these desires when they are exposed to the other sex. Islam demands that a Muslim be married when he’s not able to control his desires or is unable to manage sexual urges properly. Marriage serves as a means to express and satisfy sexual cravings and regulate them to ensure that one doesn’t become dependent on one’s desires.

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Shariah has no fixed rules regarding the minimum age for marriage in Islam for girls and boys. Following some guidelines, however, is a good idea.

When the dad of a girl who is minor offers her a marriage contract without her consent, Shariah does give him the authority and permission to marry her.

Based on Ibn Al-Mundhir, scholars agreed with this issue by referring to the following verse.

Also, for those of you who have reached the age of courses for monthly them, the ‘Iddah’ (prescribed period) should you have doubts (about your menstrual cycle) is three months. For those who do not have any classes ((i.e., they are still in their early stages )…”

[at-Talaq 65:4]

Since iddah is three months and must deal with the issue of talaq, it indicates that a girl could be divorced or married.

Prophet Muhammad married Aishah Radiallahu Anha at the age of six, but the wedding was completed at the age of nine.

This is also a sign that the father can consent to his minor daughter’s Marriage she desires without her permission.

If you’re an adult female, getting her permission is essential. If she doesn’t have permission in the future, if she decides to seek an end to her relationship, she can decide to do it. If she is an adult, anyone who is a guardian and her father may grant her consent to marry. 

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Age Difference Between The Husband And Wife

Since Islam does not have any strict and strict rules for Marriage, which has to deal with age issues, it doesn’t set out any age-specific range for the husband and wife.

Usually, girls hit puberty later than men. In some countries, the age at which girls are puberty-aged is 15, while for males, it is 17-18.

A 5-—to 6-year age gap between couples is a good idea. In this age range, women are at the point of menopause, and men’s sexual needs have diminished. This will increase the likelihood of their marriages’ successful outcome and boost their spirit of sacrifice and affection.

Methods of Sahaba Regarding the Age of Marriage

As well as marrying minor girls, Sahaba also married adult women.

Qudamah Ibn Maz’un was married to the daughter of Az-Zubairradiallahu Anhum as she began having menstrual cycles.

The son of Ali Radiallahu Anhu was Umm Kulthum, who was married to Umar ibn Al-Khattab.

There are numerous examples of this from Sahaba that also indicate that the Marriage of a minor girl is a valid option to marry her, even if she does not attain the age of 15 or have menstrual cycles.

Additionally, the Prophet Muhammad rejected a marriage when an unmarried girl came to him and said she had reached the age of adulthood; however, her father forced her to get married.

Marriage Law of Muslim Countries

Secular constitutions govern 90% of Muslim nations. Many laws violate Islamic Sharia Laws. Unfortunately, the issue of the age limit for girls to marry in Islam is not abided by in the majority of Muslim nations.

Even if you spot one who is younger than 15 but has had her menstrual cycle begun and she is pregnant, the authorities will not allow you to marry her.

Scholars have agreed that it is legal to offer some cash to the judge to facilitate Marriage.

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